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Monday, February 11, 2013

So I miss to post in this blog. So I decided to blogging time since I still in holiday and actually I supposed to do to study for the last final exam Statistic. I should prepare but post something in blog, internet, grammys, are more interesting than I study... And btw I had not so good dream last night. hmmm. So, what's going on, on me?

1. Face final exam. So busy with study and project. Hmmm. I wish I can graduate and have already a job that I really want. But I should wait until about 2 years. AMEN for that!!
2. Happy birthday to my dad~ It's actually yesterday. We're also celebrate it with Chinese New Year. Happy Chinese New Year to those who celebrate it. And yesterday we remembering Bude Sudar (Bude means Aunt in Java Language) for 5 years of her death. And I was realized that the time flew so fast.
3. A new class coming up. Wulan and Fe are the same class with me. It's just Thanks God to not leave me alone in the new class. The new schedule that no holidays for me except Sunday. Well the fact is, I'm ok with that besides I already made a decision with my mom. Hope it will be fix. I will tell you soon what is it. hehehheeh
4. Hoping that I got a good score. I mean I don't want a higher score like A or B. It's ok C because I just want to pass all the course. I never won't a short term anymore. 1 is enough for me. Huuhuhuhuuhuh
5. Realizing that I should save some money. The new year resolution I think it's almost failed but let it flow. Let the process make it.
6. Valentine's day coming up and don't know what to do with my Salvian. Just would be attending to Jakarta's event and it is Indonesia Fashion Week. I should be there with him and also with my friends.
7. Stuck on my mind  

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