Make Up Topshop Wishlist

Saturday, February 16, 2013

1. Lips in Sartorial, buy here
2. Detox Pamper Pack, buy here
3. Lip Marker in Hot Shot, buy here
4. Lip Crayon in On The Cards, buy here
5. Blush in Morning Dew, buy here
6. Blush Stick in Sneakpeek, buy here
7. Magic Liner in Engraved, buy here
8. Volume Lash Mascara, buy here
9. Waterproof Lash, buy here
10. Eye Crayon in Kingfisher, buy here
11. Lip Crayon in Secret Party, buy here
12. Precision Liner in Pitch Black, buy here

Yeah, I need a make up stuff. Well let's face it, next month I'm gonna be 20th so.. I should collect it and learn it. Yes, TOPSHOP again. Well, I never try this make up product but actually I fall in love with the first sight. Here's my list for make up topshop :)

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