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Monday, February 18, 2013

Hey everybody, here's my favorite tv series all the time part 1. Honestly, they bring me some new ideas for me and also motivating myself. In fact I had a schedule to watch all of it. Besides movie, I really love watching tv series if I had a free time. This is my top 4 of my favorite tv series so far. How about yours?

How I Met Your Mother. Of course!!!! Neil Patrick Harris, I really adore you so much. Please just be with Robin. You are perfectly together. Legen wait for it Dary! LEGENDARY! YOU ARE THE LEGENDARY! Yeah, How I Met Your Mother is my the first favorite tv series. 

Bunheads, yeah this is a new tv series which is I really love it. Because it's dance (my first passion actually, my hidden talent but nobody knows and notice and I'm proud of my self #slapme) It's about passion about dance, ballet thingy. And Sutton Foster, you are ROCK!! Their body, I'M SO JEALOUS PEOPLE!! Why oh why?? New resolution, having a body like them. Will be coming true? Just stay tune what's gonna happen with me and my body. 

Glee. What I loved about Glee? The songs. Hahahahaha. They have a beautiful voice and style that I'm so envy so much. Well, I'm not a gleek. But it's good actually. I also waiting for the next episode, curious about what will happen and the songs. And glee very different with the other tv series. 

Revenge. Yeah it so different tv series with the others. Unpredictable story. Hell yeah. I loved the story line. It's not about forgiveness but about revenge. Yeah and I'm so defend with Emily, totally agree with her, and support her. Oh maan, you should watch this. It's very recommended.

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