Another Birthday Wishlist

Friday, February 15, 2013

I love what I love. And don't judge me. So... here's the part 2 I think...

Ok enough for the Star Wars thingy. BUT SOMEBODY PLEASE GIVE ME ONE OF THE STAR WARS MERCHANDISE PLEASE! And I want to try the cookies with my Darth Vader shape. Just please. Oh, if you somebody out there want to give me a birthday cake. PLEASE! Make it Stromtrooper or Darth Vader. It would be Legeenn.. wait for it daryyy.. LEGENDARY! Or Neil Patrick Harris it's ok. I love them. Hahhahahaha. It's my 20th birthday, so whatever I want right?

Yes, my passion. I want to collect my cooking books. Well, I want to start it so....

I wanna be a girl who care about herself. I'm a girl but mmm.... Well, I'm so less care about my body. I wanna buy the hair dryer, hair straightener and hair styler. Dude, I wanna change to be more like ladies. HAHAHAHAHAHAH. So just give the stuff and I will be something later on. 

Actually I just need Eyeliner but it would be loved to if you give me full make up kit complete. :3 I'm trying to be a girl. HAHAHA

I love this Jeffrey Campbell shoes since I was joining the tumblr. SO AMAZING! It's just perfection for me. Speechless, dying for having one :p

Image source: google , weheartit

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