Wednesday, February 20, 2013

My feeling about today.... complicated actually. But most of all is afraid. Yes, I am afraid all of the things that I should face. Besides it's for my future. So many plans on my brain. Well, being adult it's so complicated I mean the thought is just too hard (me thinks) Remember when we're still 5-10 years old. We just think about, what should we wear for tomorrow? What should we play? And so on. Compare to the adults thoughts, politics, money (OF COURSE), jobs, university, degree, wedding (which I loved it to plan), diet, healthy, weight and the other thoughts like that. Hmmmmm.

Well I guess the best for all of it with the right person who support all of your choices. Support me all of time. And I think I can handle it. Well, wish me luck on my journey of my life :):):)

I think you won't be understand what I mean. But never mind. I'm just saying :p

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