Where did the food come from?

Thursday, December 27, 2012

I was eating my cookies. Ok getting fat again so sorry belly. And I just want to share about my future kitchen. This pictures I got from ikea , pinterest , google , weheartit and tumblr .

The most important for me in the house besides bedroom, bathroom is kitchen. I do adore a small tiny kitchen with so much light and windows, clean, and complete kitchen appliances. Now, it's perfect time for me to look some kitchen design for my future. Maybe it's too earlier but it's not a sin right? 

Love the ideas, chalkboards in the kitchen? So classic..

Love it love it love it

kitchen appliances. MUST HAVE IT ALL!

That's all my fav. And I want my black and white kitchen. Hope this design, inspiring me all the time and becoming true. Finger crossed!

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