Thought of Christmas

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Mewwrry Christmas people!! The most wonderful of the year of course CHRISTMAS!!! Pretending that rain is the snow, listening Christmas song, eating cookies, warming myself in the blanket, and thinking...

Me being random (always) realize that I'm so so bad. I mean, I always forgot how lucky I am. On my way back to home, I saw people that not as lucky as me. Stood up all day long, walked all day long just because of looking for food for themselves or their family, no home, no new clothes, and something like that. You know what I mean right? The people in the street always knocked my heart. They survive until now. How about me? Just one homework, I directly complain. People so easily complain about anything especially in Indonesia. Am I right? I don't know. But I learned something today, we should accept it another perspective of the other people. We can't be so selfish. I admit it that I'm selfish but who doesn't? People judge this and that but they wont listen to the other opinions. They think they always right but the truth is? 
Well back in my time (I mean when I was a kid) I still live in Bengkulu. When I recognize, Christmas Day in my family was really busy and very very joyful (my mom said) my dad and mom co-workers came to our house, share our happiness, eat together, Christmas tree. aaahh I'm so desperately want to back in that time. The tolerance of the other religion was so strong. The differences made our days more brighter than today. hmmmmmmm. What's wrong with tolerance? Is that a sin? We must be grateful what happened with us until today. Doomsday was canceled we never know when the doomsday will be starting. 

The simple questions for all of you. What will you gonna do if doomsday start in just 5 minutes more no no I mean tomorrow? Are you sure you will be go to heaven? What will you do if you loose your eyes, legs, arms, ears or mouth tomorrow? What will you do if you have a very bad luck? What will you do if you loose your family and friends and you all alone?

This is just thought of Christmas. Be grateful and be nice. HAPPY HOLIDAY!!!

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