I Think Christmas Gift arrive earlier, eh?

Friday, December 14, 2012

Well remember one of my Christmas wishlist? I just got a good morning news. Kinda shock but...
My exam score was coming out and I'm so so so much thankful to God. So proud but I should keep it the score getting higher to make my parents proud of me. 

Well, the score on my campus is higher than any campus. If the other score on any campus B, so my campus just getting C. Well, I should work hard on it. On this third semester my lecturers are very kind and easy to understood. I feel that on this semester, I just played around, hang out with my friends, hoping for not getting D and it means I should pay for short semester and it's so expensive, play hard study less but voila I got a very good score. Is it true that if I play around and I got the good score? Ahh never mind. Besides I must struggle with the bunch of projects. Finger crossed for my final exam on the end of Jan until Feb. And it means getting closer to March 2nd. 

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