Friday, December 21, 2012

So happy early doomsday everyone! Just kidding. I think my wishlist is more than that. I got a really good score on my mid exam. FINALLY! Hahahaha. But I shouldn't take a laugh or should be happy now. The really challenging for me is THE FINAL EXAM!! AAAAAAAAAAA.  Relaaax I won't ruined it in here. Let's continue, Well I got a pair of flat shoes that I really like from my Dad. Thank you Dad!! And I got a dress from my Mom, Love my parents!! And so much having fun with my Salvian and friends. Oh, btw I got random money, it's legal actually. Don't worry. At first, I was thinking that I would use that money for buying my Mom flowers but it changed~~~ I paid my Salvian and friends food because celebrating our 14 monthsarry. Hehehehe. Well, regrets that this week I spend a lot of moneeeyyyyyy~ Damn it, me! I should saving my money D:

Wasting my time with my beloved friends at my room and of course Salvian too. Watching Silent Hill. Ugh! I hate the voice of the ambulance or firetruck's siren. It creeps me out. So others friends at my bed just like  can of sardine and where's me? I was on the floor, chat with my Dad and my friend, listened music with earphone and karaoke. FUFUFU. No guts for watching horror movies, the sound, the ghost, the darkness. BIG NO NO NO NO for me. I rather watch thriller hear the sound of bone cracking, see the blood everywhere, organs everywhere, knife stabbing to the part of body. SO FUNNY AND DELICIOUS TO SEE THAT. Am I nuts? Nope. 

Take a crazy pictures with my wall just used the digicam. And I'm dying to having one! huhuhuhuhu. So much fun with my friends. My family chat with me on BBM and it's so yearning in my heart. I'm dying to see them. 

Got inspired from The Clique movies and wow-ed because the executive producer is Tyra Banks. Amazing? Yes.. The jokes on this film really SNAP! ahahahahhaa. Here's that really knocked my heart. (click here FYI)

The line that I can't forget and of course the hands: "Loser loser, double loser, whatever, as if, get the picture, DUH!"

"You can't make someone else to like you." YES INDEED!!

"Just be yourself" hear a lot but it's true

"I'd rather be a friendless loser than have a bunch of friends that secretly hate me."

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