Friday, December 14, 2012

HELLOW!! Long time no post, am I right? Well I will tell you my busyness on 2 weeks ago. 
1. The exam score was come out. Thanks God, it's unbelievable! 
2. Absence on my statistic. And there's score that I couldn't know until now. My friend told me that I got a good score. But the fact, I can't believe it if I can not see with my own eyes. 
3. Went to Tanah Abang with my friends and also Salvian (absence on statistic) 
4. Made a beautiful and cool-awesomeness LOGO. fufufufufu~ 
5. Busy with promoting and also preparing our brand a.k.a QUEENAN. check it out on our twitter @quee_nan and our page on FB Queenan
6. Too much spending money D: I can't save my money
7. Being fatty :'''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''
8. What a mess schedule
9. Getting advice from mom. And I will remember till the end of my time. 
"They just gravels on your life." and also "Being a bad-ass person is so simple but being nice and sincere person, that's the challenge."
10. Delly got virus! Damit!!!!!
11. My daddy on Angry Birds!! ALL HAIL DARTH VADER!
12. Extremely exhausted almost die last Tuesday so busyyyy for Queenan but satisfied with the results
13. Plagiarism
14. Run out of money
16. 3 pairs left of my rings!!!!
17. Just got new rings from Salvian's Mom
18. Disappointing about canceled plans 
19. I still facing 1 week before Christmas with my study
20. My dreams getting stronger. WEB DEVELOPER! SOOON!
21. Went to Jakcloth anddd it's so fun but very tired but guess what? I MET HIVI! personnel! WOOHOOOO!
22. All the family member used Blackberry
23. My BB will be die soon but please don't
24. My bro finally got a new GF!!!
25. Let's hear the pain and kill it slowly
26. Just got rebuke from God. Please don't make it happen God. I'm begging you and I want to repent to You. In the name of God!
27. I ain't regrets for anything 

Well, it's so random and there's still I want to tell you but it's too late and I'm very tired today. So, nite there!

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