It's so Fluffy, I'm Gonna Die!!!

Saturday, December 01, 2012

I'm so jealous. 
I want it but I can't. 
My dreams and future for sure. 
But I wont it to grow up
Just be still
My buddy

A random, not-oh-so-good poem. By me. And the title is Puppy.
I'm so dying to pet puppies. I can't because my parent never allowed it. Mom and Dad not a type to love animals. So, I want puppies not dogs. Puppies is more easier to take care than dogs. 

It's just like a bear and it's so fluffy I'm gonna dieeee!!

It's just too cute :(:( and i'm so freaking dying.

Siberian Husky

No doubt that for me, Siberian Husky is the most handsome dogs in the whole world. Don't you think?
I really really like the dogs-wolves. It's so cool and it's too cuteeee. Well, if I already had a house for my own. I'm so sure that I'm gonna pet it. 

Pictures source: weheartit

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