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Sunday, November 04, 2012

Happy Sunday folks! I just got package from my lovelies Salvian Kumara. This must be my anniversary gifts, but the package just arrived yesterday. And it's from USA (rings) and Seoul (necklace). Damn!! Why Salvian Why?!? Last night, I grabbed my brother's SLR and it's so damn-heavy... But I can't doubt about the result. Amateur photographer. HAHAHAHA. So let's check it out~ 

So, I got 12 rings.... 6 Darth Vaders and 6 Stromtroopers. Well, it's not possible that I'll wear all of it, right? So I took 1 Darth Vader and 1 Stromtrooper for my collection and we (me and Salvian) decide to sell it the other rings. Made from plastic and again from USA. Wanna ask me further? Just email me to :):)

This necklace from Seoul, oh Salvian, why you must be so damn romantic?!

Thank you so much Salvian Kumara :):) I'm so happy!!! Darth Vader and Stromtrooper! AAAAAAAAAA

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