A Simple Sweet Thought

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Boy: shirt, vest, white shoes, vintage bicycles, a big-warm-fluffy-soft Teddy Bear, Red Roses, and Balloons. (rings, if you want to purpose)
Girl: lovely dress, heels, sweet headbands, ribbons, purse, cake, cookies, a light make up,  polishing nails, jewelry, cameras, Ipod! (polaroid, SLR, DSLR, Lomo, HandyCam, etc)
Place: home, romantic place, city, mountain, but for me Italia (of course)
Time: twilight until night (see the full moon)
What-to-do: walk together, celebrate something, being random, photo booth, enjoying the moments, singing together, listening music together, dinner, a kiss (shy, romantic way) , using bicycle, watching movies, cook (at home)

Just me being random... Night people!

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