5 minutes with mom

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Hello fellas! I'm home now and it's raining in the outside. So Mom coming home late and I miss her so much.   And finally mom and me chat together in my room. I'm so sorry for using Indonesian Language and it's slang. Well I will explain later than.

Mom: dek kok mata kamu tambah item sih? begadang belajar mulu yaaa? belajar belajar belajar gitu ya di kostan? Gw: senyam senyum doang. HAHAHAHAHAH 
(mom asking my eyes getting darker and she thought that I was studying so hard but the truth was............ you know)

a couple seconds later
Mom: dek kamu tau Steve Jobs kan? dia udah ada di youtube filmnya, eh bukan film, pokoknya gitu.
Gw: tau2.. dia dulu ditipu, kena penyakit gitu-gitu kan? 
Mom: kok kamu tau?
Gw: itu udah lama?
Mom: kok kamu ga ngasih tau mama?
Gw: itu udah berita umum tauu
Mom: iyaa dia sampe ga lulus kuliaah
Gw: #chuckles nih Steve jobs ga lulus kuliah, itu penemu Facebook ga lulus kuliah, Bill Gates juga ga lulus kuliah berarti aku jg ga lulus kuliah
Mom: #laughing oohh boleeeh-boleeeh. ga lulus kuliah yaaa. langsung nikaaah
Gw: kan ga lulus kuliah pada jadi kayak Steve Jobs kan?
Mom: iyaa nanti lgsg kawin ajaa.. cita2 kamu jatuuh semuaa
Gw: lho emaang bener kaan. hayoooo
Mom: *just laughing*
(Mom just recognized how great Steve Jobs is. and at first she wanted to not wasting the time. but she gave me facts that I've already know and one of facts is Steve Jobs never finished his college. So I told my mom that I will not finished my college aaannnd mom just laughing)

2 minutes later, suddenly mom entered my room. Meanwhile, I'm on skype with Salvian. Video Call.
Mom: itu lagi belajar dek? *pointing Salvian and eat crackers*
Gw: iyaa besok dia ujian
Mom: oohh
Gw: dadada sama Salvian doong
meanwhile Salvian studying and didn't know that's mom was beside me. And he shocked and just smiling
Mom: halloooo. belajaaar yaa Pian.. *with waving her hand*
Salvian: *wave his hand*
Gw: *just laughing and laughing*
Mom: Jangan dengerin winny. Winny tuh setan *mom hit my head to pillow again and again* belajaar ya pian
jangan main teruus. winny tuh emang setan *again hit my head*
Salvian: *just laughing and smile*
and mom leave 
Gw: pasti ga kedengeran deh
Salvian: ga. hahahahhaha
(Mom called me a devil because I tease Salvian. In fact tomorrow Salvian got a test and in fact, Salvian want to skype with me)

I love with my mom so much! Can't live without her. Indeed.

The end

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