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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

First thing first, I just got 2 days off on my 3rd Semester (Friday and Sunday). Secondly, I must go 3 campus in one week. The third, I got the same class with the person who I didn't want to see of my entire life. Fourth, I should go back home untill the end of September which is that I should face the traffic jam. UGH!!!!! Fifth, I got the afternoon class. Congrats Winny~

Well, I shouldn't complain with this. I just go with it. Make a to do list or perhaps schedule. Yeah, the 3rd Semester must be very hard. There's so much people that smarter than me. I must be struggling. No more play....... Hope it's not a bullshit. Make it happen. And parents should be proud of me. Just finger crossed!! 

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