Dreams of Venice

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Italy is my obsession since I was a little kid. Juventus and Raul were my obsession begins. HAHAHAH.  I remembered that I was watching TV with my brother and for the first time that I saw a flag of Italy. The combination colors between green, white and red, in my opinion, IT’S SO ROMANTIC… Besides that Italian Guy really HAWT!! Well that’s my obsession begin. Even though I never had been in Italy but just watching the place is really makes me feel like I’m home.  Well, maybe it’s too over but it’s my dream to live in Italy. If I had, I mean, I must have a lot of money and move to Italy with my family. It’s ok if I live there and I got a normal job example waiter, the point is, I LIVE IN ITALY. The situation that I can’t explain I’m speechless. Everyday would be a romantic day even I would have a bad day.

Fashion, food, art, places, religion, history, culture etc (end of thinking capacity :p) for me it's very interesting. 

Who doesn't know Pizza and Pasta?

Oh by the way, this photos from tumblr that i follow on Tumblr. Well check out my tumblr at www.freshfromtheoven.tumblr.com and follow it ok? HAHAHA. I'm just saying. But I'm serious.

I'm dying to see that. :''''''''

Having a beach house, breakfast at the balcony smell the ocean, feel the sunshine, wear bikini get a tan or perhaps have a perfect dinner at balcony and see a million of stars and bright moon with lover~ what a romantic day... 
Oh what a movie~
But I should make it happens!!! Wish me luck for that ok? 

Italian Food

You are allowed to drooling.. 

My number one cake of the world and no one can replace it. TIRAMISU!!! Oh sweet Mother Jesus

Well talking about pasta I remembered this

HAHAHA just for fun actually :p

Drink Cappuccino when the weather is cold, sit near the window, watch the rain falling, aaannndddd it's indonesian-word-these-day galau mode on. HAHAHAHA.

Well that's all of my Italia thingy~ 


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